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Music for your ears~


Oct 25, 2014
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Oct 25, 2014
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Oct 25, 2014
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Which one of Vanyah's base colors did you like the most? 

34 deviants said Beige:…
13 deviants said Green:…
9 deviants said I don't know... / Neutral. / Both.


They turn their faces (+video) by vanyeeah
They turn their faces (+video)
Here's another song I once again put in the video, reson why it's so long sadly, about 13 minutes. I've no idea who has the patience to watch all that but I can at least promise you that the video is not so sped up...well it still is, but not as in my past videos.

Speedart video -…

"We are frozen by The sight of them all

when they spread Sickness within themselves
Will you lose your breath when the curtain is closed
walking down the streets of death
Left without any streak
Or the hope of the salvation"

-"Majestic"- Truckfighters

I damn love this band.

I first started out with finding a reference for my drawing. done. Let's try doing the background. Oh shit I've no idea how perspective works and stuff like this. Let's try to copy that. *after many, many attemts, notice the recording was paused or deleted during the process*... maybe I'll do the body and then come up with a background... *more attempts*. nope... ARSAGSUAGISG I'll just sketch on top of the picture!

Matthew should cut his hair though. No offence to any Matthews here on deviantart :noes: .

Matthew, Drawing (c) vanyeeah
Blackness (+video) by vanyeeah
Blackness (+video)
I've been feeling a little bit down lately... 
I'll be fine, just need to stop caring about what people think. I need to change myself into someone I would stand being around. Sometimes I even wonder why people tolerate me.

Inspired by "Blackness" by Truckfighters. (you can listen to it in the video I linked below)

Just let me open up again
You'll take the Blackness out, leave me to live</i>

Speedart video -…

Character , Drawing (c) vanyeeah

So... I visited Poland.

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 5, 2014, 1:18 PM
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Comment Skin

I have been in Poland since the 26th of September to... well, yesterday :XD:.
I'll add a link for those of you who are curious to see some of the photos I have taken. They aren't great. I am no photographer nor was my phone's camera too great, so don't judge me :lol:. There are obvioussly more pictures of me, but they were taken by other classmates and I yet haven't gotten them, so you'll have to bare
 looking at  those shitty ones:

We spent our first night in Szczecin, or, Stettin, that's the German name, in a really nice Hotel and shared my room with one awesome girl, give her a watch --> Pianopola.... And just had dinner in the city. It was all rainy and cold, but the weirdest of all was that it got me just so nostalgic! I looked around myself and the only thing I could think of was Arad, my natal city in Romania. Poland for sure has that ex-communistic feel to it, well, not the city squares or old streets but more the buildings and the people too. It was the first thing I noticed! I have seen dead drunk people on the street
s not being able to stand on their feet, persons who just look suspicious, and some looking downwards. Romania I tell you!
Stettin just looked so ... equivocal at night. And I was just walking around with my eyes brightly opened, staring and going like ''Oh my god... This reminds me so much of Arad'' ,''Jeesh, this looks like our library's street'', ''Woah''.But during the day, it has to be one of the prettiest I have visited yet :D .

We've spent some good hours on the bus and eventually got in Gdanks (Danzig) really late at night and met my host. She's a 17 year old, long and blond-haired girl. Extremely outgoing and hyperactive. I was quite thankful of that! I thought I was going to have a really awkward time just rolling my eyes and waiting for people to say something... but I actually, her personallity made me open up myself too :D . Immediately after meeting her and her parents we attended a ''welcoming party'' ... ugh... Almost everybody smoked and drank and to be honest it really put me off ^^; ... I was rather scared, because
 at first I decided to give everything a chance and not be close-minded, you know? What if I actually had the wrong idea of parties? But no. I don't like them. I don't like smoke nor alcohol... should I mention the music and dancing? Just not my thing... Hey, at least I tried. I even went as far to taste their shitty Sprite-Vodka. It tasted like Sprite. Cool. Very hardcore, yay. But I only tasted it because I really didn't feel like doing anything more.
The day turned out to be awesome
 when I discovered that the house of the guy hosting the party had instruments lying in the basement. Oh my god. Me and one of my classmates started jamming together.

Later on I discovered that the Polish I was hanging out with were absolutely party-brain-washed people who only dreamt of Wodka and scream Kurwa at about everything. For you information, ''kurwa'' doesn't only mean ''bitch'', but it can pretty much be used in any context. 
Oh, that was off-topic. KURWA!

The girls and the guys were just so easy that it got creepy. They are flirting with everyone eventually kissing other even thought they were in a relationship. They were so easy that it made me think ''I will never get a guy at this rate'' :XD:. A bit exaggerated, but really, it was truly getting annoying.

I can not remember the chronological ord
er of places we have visited but I will just say that we been in all 3 parts of Danzig, and I found Sopot to be the prettiest. That was the beach side :heart: and we have also visited the Nikolaus Kopernikus Museum and the Stutthof concentration camp, really spooky, creepy yet interresting place. It had such a powerful emotional impact that it made some of the Germans tear, including me.
Many MANY MANY churces and historical places, WW2 ruins and whatnot. 
Most of the times the day would end in meeting with the Polish or in a party (wohoo/sarcasm). At some point I got rather sick of them and decided to go visit a record shop and to just stay at one of the guy's homes to play guitar. That to be hones, was the best night. Me and a classmate of mine started improvising and jamming togethger to the point we were headbanging and jumping around. That, on the other side, created a lot of drama because it caused my host some issues with her friends who expected her to attend a party. One of them got so mad at me that they started telling lies behind my back trying to turn the Germans against me. Jesus... I just find playing guitar more fun than parties, don't hate me now. The next day though, she apologised to me and hugged me... and her friends appologised in her name saying ''She's always like that, just ignore her'' .

One more thing was that despite my awkwardness I gathered
 quite a lot of masculine attention, and jelousy from the girls' side. Odd. I really was not expecting that.

I forgot my vitamin pills and supliments and I got a nosebleed each day. Sometimes even more... so in case you see me with blood on my face in some of the pictures is because I am trying to make fun of my own ''illness'' rather than making it seem terrible. I got a nosebleed while I was in the shower in our hotel and I managed to get blood everywhere... You should have seen our laughters. It looked as if I had killed someone there xDDDD

Oh yes and we visited castles. Aw yes. I salute you if you've read the entire thing.
Here, I'll just post the link to the photos again:

Your own signature starts from here!

Oh god ... here we go again by vanyeeah
Oh god ... here we go again
So this is a representation of me and a 13 year old boy called Dominik who seems to be my neighbor.

He follows me everywhere. Everywhere.
I can get to change from school that he already waits for me to get off the bus. I can't get to eat or even draw without him being around :XD:
Every single school day he comes by just to hang around with me. He asks me to learn songs so that I could play with him (imagine a 13 year old boy, with a really cranky voice singing), he asks me to go fishing with him, he wants to show me the town, he wants me to ride bikes with him.... and he wanted me to draw his as a 'wolf' of course, " only if I want to".
We both go to the bus station together... and apparently whatever I do he laughs. even if I make the teddy-bear sniff or sneeze he's able to laugh for the next 30 minutes. He teaches me German words and keeps me speaking wise active, which is extremely good when it comes to learning another language.
He's always , but ALWAYS talking , eventually explaining me country-side things that I absolutely have no idea about. Thing is that he's extremely happy to be around me for some reason.

What got me was that he once came to me all bored, sat next to me on my bed and said "You're my only friend that listens metal. You must be so awesome" . He just called me his friend. That...That just made me d'awwww :XD: . Although he's mostly annoying, I really think he is adorable. Which doesn't really happen to me but I feel like squeezing him and screaming " AWW YOU CUTE FUCKA! "

I am really thankful and happy I moved in Germany. I have met amazing people, I'm living in a really beautiful place and I am getting scholarship from the BOSCH Company for being a good student. Integrating and studying in another language is already a real adventure. What could I be asking for more? 


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Just wanted to say, you were always an inspiration to me in my younger teens! :iconfoxyayzplz:
I didn't comment much, if at all but I've been watching your art for a very long time. And I continue to do so~ :iconsecretfoxplz:
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